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About SLM Cameroon

Campus Life is the Student-Led Movement of CCC. We offer the beauty of the gospel to students on university and high school campuses and elsewhere. The campus is not only a place of education but also a place of character formation. We want to give a new impulse in academia by providing each student and lecturer with an opportunity to experience God’s love. Our wish is to support and encourage the students and teachers who want to know Jesus better. far form being a rigid religious movement, Campus Life focuses on relationships, friendships and sharing, and initiates reflections on various themes: life, education, love, faith, etc.

The Campus Life youths are constantly involved in several projects like missionary trips to towns and villages, evangelistic conferences, Effective Study Seminars, marriage preparation seminars, etc.

CCC also has the International Leadership University. Where she equips Christians for service in their society. 

SLM Cameroon

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