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Recognizing that many people in the world use the web and digital tools in general to explore spirituality, we considerer evangelism and training disciples on the Internet as a key element to help people start relationship with God and actually follow Jesus.

We offer multiple online opportunities to follow Jesus and become multiplying disciples. We lead by planting groups, ministries, churches and networks where none currently exist. We help disciples and teams to find, use, create and share digital media, tools, and strategies in effective ways. 

Digital Strategy

In this age of information and technology, we believe that God has given us many opportunities to reach out to the people with the gospel message to all mankind faster than ever before. As the early Christians were able to take the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome and to the nations, using the same methods that the Roman emperors worked for their military and political purposes, all of us are striving to bring the gospel to all people through the Internet and other digital technologies. We have two main reasons for doing so

The first is the principle of missions that go into all the world. Today, 2/3 of the world's population has access to the Internet. Even in developing countries, such as Ethiopia, many are joining this technology at an unprecedented pace. And with information like Google, millions of people every day ask different questions about God, spiritual life, happiness, and love. After all, if the Internet is one of the ways to go all over the world, what else could it be?

The second is just as good as the opportunities digital technology has brought to our day, evil is just as easy to spread among humans too. In the midst of this, racism and hate speech are currently testing the nation, and pornography has become a challenge that has disrupted many marriages and families, and this problem has been a challenge for the church. So, what would it be if it is not digital technology, where our battlefield to save a lost generation?

Thus, as the Great Commission Ministry, we are serving the digital strategy as one of the primary means of evangelism. With God's help, we are serving millions of people on social media, websites and mobile applications, every year. You can also serve with us by sharing the gospel with your friends using these platforms.


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Digital missionaries





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Current Big Projects

Project One

Project One

Utilizing the Capacity of IM to integrate with our ecosystem.

Project Two

Project Two

Mobilizing 100 churchs to Embrace Digital Strategies.

Project Three

Project Three

Recruiting 50 Ambassadors for the Ministry of Netsahiwot 

Project Four

Project Four

Making Giving Easier 


In the Digital Ministry, we are using websites, applications and social media to deliver the message to the world. you can check our tools by clicking below.

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