Professional Opportunities with Cru

Use your areas of study or developed skills to build and accelerate the mission of Cru as we work to give every person in the world a chance to experience, hear and respond to God's love and good news.

Wherever you serve with Cru, you'll be developed personally, spiritually, and professionally as you engage in God's mission for the world.

Working in one of Cru's offices, you could be using your skills in business systems, communications, conferences/trips/events, creative, finances, fund development, human resources, justice/humanitarian aid/legal, marketing, music/performing arts, partnerships, prayer catalyst, research & development or technology to advance God's kingdom.


With Cru's year-long internship program you'll grow and hone your skills as you work on national projects alongside experienced professionals. Participate in life-changing community, living and working with your team.

You'll spend time each week on personal and spiritual development with one-on-one coaching. At many office locations, you'll also have the opportunity to be involved with a local Cru ministry.

These year-long internships in Cru offices require raising funds to support your work. We will train you in how to develop the funding you need for your internship.

Intern with Cru this summer

Grow professionally. Grow in your faith. Be trained and equipped to share Jesus's love through your skills and move the Great Commission forward!

"The [headquarters internship] gave all 15 of us the tools and training to be spiritual multipliers, able to confidently and effectively share our faith with anyone anywhere. We learned to disciple in humility and truth, and to effectively use our skills in and out of the office to glorify God. This was more than an internship – this was a community of growth, vulnerability and transformation."

Laci Clark, Liberty University

  • College credit – some universities will award college credit for professional internships with Cru. Check with your department for your school's guidelines and requirements.

  • Leadership – prepare for your future career as your work with Cru leaders and capacity professionals in your field of study – including finance, media, communications and computer science.

  • Discipleship – an internship with Cru includes the same intense personal and spiritual growth you can expect from a mission trip with Cru – including evangelism training and outreach.

  • Significance – work on real projects that are essential for Cru's day-to-day operations. These projects and jobs are not only significant to Cru, but are also helping to move forward the Great Commission.

  • Creativity and flexibility – summer internships can be tailored to your personal skills, areas of growth and needs.

  • Increased vision – a summer internship with Cru will increase your vision for God's work in the world and help you gain a better understanding of how God can use you with your gifts and skills to bring His love and good news to the world.

"Before I came, I prayed God would give me the job I wanted instead of asking Him to give me the job He wants me to have. Now I ask God to give me His calling."

Johnny Lam, Kent State University

These year-long internships in Cru offices require raising funds to support your work. We will train you in how to develop the funding you need for your internship.

U.S. Summer Office Internships

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Not sure if an office role is for you? Join us for our Cru Office Internships Virtual  Preview Weekend on Feb. 12, 2022, and learn about the various office roles at our world headquarters and other offices.


Cru Office Locations

Ministry Office Locations

United States

The campus ministry of Cru in the U.S. operates eight resource offices, including our international headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

US Offices:

  • Orlando, FL - Cru Worldwide Headquarters
  • Austin, TX
  • Boulder, CO
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Irvine, CA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Dallas, TX (Unto and Josh McDowell Ministries)

International Offices

The Campus Ministry is sending Office 1-year Internships to 1 location.

France, serving North Africa Middle East Operations

Explore by Location

Cru has offices all over the US, as well as internationally. Click the button below to take a virtual tour of each office!

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Business Systems

Business strategist, project manager/specialist, business analyst, executive assistant, Scrum Master.

We need strategic problem solvers who can help improve and develop ministry systems, and we need business-minded people to help run and manage ongoing processes and projects.


Writer, editor, content strategist, reporter, radio and digital broadcast.

Stories change lives. They inform and build movements. Work with us to tell the stories that matter as we use social media, print, and digital content to connect more people to the gospel and communicate God's work to our prayer and financial partners.

Conferences, Trips, & Events

Operations, strategy, production specialist (video, sound, lights, set design), missions trip specialist.

Cru teams organize many different conferences, events, and mission trips each year – national and international opportunities for training, equipping, and sending laborers into God's mission. These teams are comprised of people with a wide range of skills who work for months to ensure these events are an impactful and valuable experience.


Graphic design, UI design, filmmaker, video production/editing, screenwriter, photography.

Video, graphics and design are an integral part of all we do – from events, to on-campus outreach, to building partnerships. Our creative teams ensure all our materials are professional, visually interesting and engaging to draw people in, build trust, and help them understand our message.


Accountant, financial analyst, auditor.

To support our mission and worldwide operations of our staff, systems and events, Cru finance professionals process thousands of dollars in donations and transactions each day. They ensure Cru adheres to good financial stewardship, U.S. laws, and best practices as we use the money God has entrusted to our ministry.


Fund Development

Donor services manager, partner representative, direct marketing assistant.

The development team connects with national financial ministry partners and helps them to engage with ministry in every aspect of their life.

Human Resources

Recruiting, hiring, services for staff, training, cross-cultural training coordinator, HR systems, volunteer strategist, LinkedIn specialist, talent management specialist

Cru HR professionals care for the physical, spiritual, and emotional state of our missionary staff, both directly and indirectly. Cru has roles for coaches and mentors, as well as specialists in developing and maintaining systems and processes that promote staff wellbeing and growth while moving the ministry forward.

Justice, Humanitarian Aid, General Council Office

Lawyers, Gospel in Action, justice associate, General Counsel office projects coordinator.

Cru legal missionaries work with our national ministry to ensure Cru policies aline with local and national laws. Additionally, legal missionaries make an impact in nearly every country in the world, using the common ground of justice and humanitarian aid to send out compassionate evangelists who show God's love as they help to meet the physical and legal needs of people.



Social media, campaign strategist, audience research, AEM author, digital marketing analyst.

Our teams use digital tools, technology, and marketing strategies to reach people digitally, equip them with resources and training to become spiritually multiplying disciples of Jesus wherever they are.

Music & Performing Artists

Vocalists, drummers, keyboardists, electric guitarists, sound and light techs, producers, managers, worship leaders, bassists, songwriters.

The music ministry of Cru exists to lift up the name of Jesus on every stage through outreach concerts, leading worship and  training student worship bands.



Strategic Partnering representative and strategist.

Our Strategic Partnering representatives resource local churches and ministries, global missions, and our partners. They also develop new strategies to help fulfill the Great Commission through a coordinated effort by the whole Body of Christ.


Prayer Catalyst

Prayer strategist, prayer catalyst.

The Prayer Catalyst team builds and sustains evangelistic prayer movements of students, staff, volunteers, church partners, Christian universities, and prayer networks, focusing on revival and spiritual awakening, intercession, and listening prayer.

Research & Development

Strategic learning, innovation specialist, prototype creation.

The R&D team explores, questions and tests which strategies and resources are effective to help our staff connect with people and communicate the good news of Jesus. They sort out what we need to update and what we need to build from the ground up, so that we keep moving the Great Commission forward.


Software and app development, information security analyst, data science analytics, tech support, product specialist, product quality engineer, product support, UX strategist, UX designer.

From building and maintaining internal and external websites, to developing security procedures and troubleshooting technical issues for our staff, the digital world is a vital part of Cru's ministry today.

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